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June 13, 2012
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Milling about the campus is better than being stuck inside the classroom. That's mainly why I chose to take that semester photography class. My instructor, Mr. Rome , took us out to the outer reaches of the green lush university grounds. Hetalia High was a wonderful place. Everything about it was beautiful, everything seemed to be nice, tidy, and…..  
On second thought: Most things were beautiful.
The one thing that made me question if it was all worth it had 3 names to it: Antonio, Gilbert, and Francis. Somehow, upon entering this school, they tracked me down and all became my closest friends. Each one played off of the other, almost like a three stooge's routine. At first, I thought of them as the most charming, kindest, caring young men.  Soon, after experiencing the others, my view changed drastically.
But luckily today, in Photography, they were nowhere in sight. They most likely skipped ( as usual) to chase some tail or get drunk. Mr. Rome's voice broke my train of thought, rolling like thunder
"_______! I need your next file by the end of the weekend."
This little file he was talking about was a portfolio of happy photos.  As he would say, "ART is passion. Passion is life! I want to see you and others having the best time with you. So if this means going partying, do it! If you're going on a date with someone, do it!" I agreed, but I hated to admit, I had no real passion. I was a dabbler, do a little of this and that, never sticking to anything. But, I had to find something by Sunday. It was only Friday, so it would be fine.
At the moment, Mr. Rome assigned us to walk around the school and photo nature. I trailed off to the parking lot and took a photo of a rose that grew in the concrete. Wait, roses didn't do that. I plucked it out and examined the rose. I sniffed it, the perfume fresh and saintly.  
"Ah~ Mon ami stepped into my little trap." I swiveled around and caught Francis' stare. His blond hair was in a messy ponytail and his deep blue eyes were almost slivers as he purred. I cringed when he grabbed a (h/l) (h/c) lock of stray hair. He came closer and grinned. "'zis is going to be fun. Come, we go." I resisted when he took my wrist, but infinitely gave in as I saw the red sports car that belonged to Antonio. He rolled down the window and smiled, waving to me.
"Ola," He said, taking my hand from Francis and gently kissing my small hand." We got to go chica! We're going to be late!"
"For what?!"
My favorite albino stuck his head out of the roof and yelled at me. "Who the hell cares?! Take a chance, damn it! "I was about to throw my hand across his cheek when Antonio tightened his grip on my hand.
"Andale, we have no time to waste."
So, I stepped into the car and after a 45 minute drive, we arrived at an old apartment complex. They literally took me out of the car, walked me into the building and pushed me into a room. Francis and Gilbert took my arms upon leaving the car, and walked me into the lobby. Antonio quickly exchanged words with the lady at the front desk and motioned the boys. They dragged me up a flight of stairs and took me to the top level.  Of the four rooms, they threw me into the biggest one with a large window. It had a big bed and a little closet. I pounded on the door after being thrown on the ground. They laughed as I almost broke down the door.
"Let me the hell out of here!"
"Nein! We want you to suffer!" Gilbert giggled and nudged the door.
"Oui. If you please, mon ami, remain calm."  Francis' cool voice slid into the room. I finally gave up and sat on the bed. I checked out what was in the room: In the closet, it was empty except for a box of…you guessed it… condoms. I fidgeted at the sight of it. What exactly did they want to do? I was neither planning to do anything of that kind, nor would I imagine it with them.  
I was playing around for a bit when finally I drifted off to sleep. My eyes fluttered open when I felt hands over me. My eyes shot open and I surveyed what was happening.
Francis: His hands were moving the hair away from my neck and he softly rested his head in my neck.
Gilbert: Was nibbling on my ear and whispering little things in my ear
Antonio: Kissed my lips, the taste of tomatoes intoxicating and welcoming.  
Freaked. Out.
I squealed and tried to move, nearly killing all of them with a swipe of my hand. They knew to back off, and all of them were dying. I noticed they hadn't changed me, and they didn't touch me otherwise. But I still exploded about their actions.
"What the HELL?!"
They looked at me and straightened up, Francis being the first to admit.
"_____, you looked so cute! 'ow could we possibly not react?"
"Yeah," Gilbert chimed in, his cheeks turning red. "We thought you would like it."
"Like it? LIKE IT?"
I was going to shoot off for lift off.
"Hey you little twerps, I swear if you think you're going to get lucky with a freaking virgin then you've got another thing coming. I refuse for you to do such horrible things to me and I promise, I will cut off your favorite appendages if you try to do it again."
Francis' eyes lit up as I spoke." You're a virgin?"
Antonio joined in "I'd never think you were. You act around sex so carelessly normally."
"Yeah," Gilbert said. "Why didn't you tell us?"
"Because what I do behind closed doors shouldn't matter to you guys! And if I acted like it was a big deal you would totally pick on me for being a virgin. "
"Pick on you?" They sang in unison. They exchanged looks and began to laugh.
"No way chica. "Antonio whispered hugging my waist. Francis hugged my back.
"Alas, mon ami, we'd never do such a thing."
"In fact, we'd help you out." Gilbert said his hands grabbing my shoulder. They all sang in a row.
Each one planted a kiss around the area they were hugging. Antonio kissed my tummy, Francis kissed my lips and slipped a little tongue in, and Gilbert kissed my neck, instantly landing on a sensitive area. I let out a gasp, but quickly covered my mouth. No. No no no! This was not going to happen; they weren't going to do this to me! Friends don't do that kind of stuff with friends. I cringed as they all lay beside me in bed, Antonio being the closest. They all looked at me, smiling and proud as ever. So… they didn't care I had never been in bed with anyone? That…. That was nice. I wasn't as afraid now.
"Hey can I get together for a photo?"
They nodded and posed doing their signature moves. I grabbed my camera and caught the moment. This was one I'd never forget.

"Hey guys, can you explain to me something?"
"Sure." France said.
"W-why is there a box of condoms there?"

"Oh…" Antonio said, blushing "Nothing..."
"Yeah right."
Hehe. Oh guys....
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